I personally would like to welcome you to the International Association of Traditional Wing Chun (I.A.T.W.C.) website. The IATWC is dedicated to the preservation of the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun by teaching in the traditional Ip Man Lineage manner.
The study of Wing Chun Kung Fu, while instilling you with confidence, enables you to learn the art which is simple, direct, and functional.
Wing Chun not only teaches you self-defense but also self-discipline, self-awareness, and self- esteem. The skills gained from practicing Wing Chun will enable you to not only protect yourself but also your love ones.

Contained within this site is information about the organization. Please feel free to explore the site.

Once again welcome and I hope you enjoy the information and hopefully persuade you to join the I.A.T.W.C. family.
Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Charles Pope
Multi National Chief Instructor
USA, Canada, and Mexico

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